Productive Evening

Today didn’t start off so great. 🙁  I woke up in a bad mood and not feeling rested. Things didn’t go my way at all and that pissed me off! Stuck in a meeting part of the day that threw off the rest of the day. Got some upsetting, but not surprising, news from my mother that threw my day off even more.


  • I got a new post submitted on the viral contender
  • I got caught up on the email for that account
  • I filed 11 rebates and cleared the backlog
  • I cleaned the litter boxes
  • I submitted the viral contender to a few blog directories
  • I cleared the backlog of blogs to read in my RSS reader

So the day didn’t go entirely as I would have liked. I still got some stuff done! 🙂

Now I am off to snuggle with this thing…

mooz feet 101514