Raiding My Piggy Bank

raiding piggy bank 011316

In an office setting like the one I work in, you aren’t “ALLOWED” to opt out of the office pool…

The chatter around here has been going on since last week. Powerball… Powerball… Powerball! Yesterday it started up with one group talking about all pooling in for some tickets. Next thing I know, my boss goes storming by stating “I’m IN! You are NOT leaving me behind!” That gave me a good chuckle. They never circled around to me and I didn’t care. I just don’t like getting hyped up about this stuff and talking about “what if…” Yes, we will pick up ONE ticket for ourselves but that’s it. You can’t win if you don’t play, and you just never know. I won’t sit around and daydream about it…

Later in the day a VP went out and bought a ton of tickets! Apparently he was left out of the earlier pool as well and wanted a pool that EVERYONE was in. Yes – everyone. Every single person in our small corporate office ended up on a spreadsheet detailing potential payout, etc. That’s how our office pool became “mandatory*.”

I don’t carry cash on me and wasn’t about to run out to an atm. Getting cash on the way home wasn’t an option either – it was snowing like crazy! What other option did I have for ponying up the $2 I now owed? Raid the piggy bank! I have several piggy banks around the house because I love them and I love what they represent. For some reason, the one I dump my change into is my silly little Hamm from Toy Story piggy bank. 🙂 This was a freebie with a cereal purchase several years ago and is just so darn cute! Hamm sits on my desk and I toss loose change into him as I find it. I talked Hamm into giving me 8 quarters, so I’m good for the office pool!

I just can’t tell you how much I want this Powerball jackpot to end tonight though… it’s at an absolutely scary level! 🙁

*Please take “mandatory” with a grain of salt! No one was FORCED to contribute if they really didn’t want to.