Really Useful Indeed!

I vaguely remember being out cold and getting woken up to a “situation” in the bedroom at some odd hour last night. I remember getting up and finding my striped mutt at the closet door, muttering something incomprehensible, grabbing a Really Useful Box to deal with it, and heading back to bed.

Woke up this morning to find THIS on my desk:

really useful 1

Can you say YAY?!?!?  OMG… you have NO IDEA how much I miss bugs this time of year!

Seeing a stink bug in the dead of winter cheers me up like you wouldn’t believe!


really useful 2

Sorry this is such a bad picture. Stupid bug would not sit still. You can still see how pretty these things are. Such beautiful markings.

Yes, these boxes are really USEFUL indeed!  🙂