Rough Night?

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Looks like Bluehost had a rough night with this site! Oh well. Not like I get a lot of traffic or anything. No big deal.

We actually had a very nice night. I had something I wanted to pick up at Staples and hubby had a certain book type he was looking for. I hadn’t been looking for this type of book over the weekend, so it was back to Savers to look through their books again. Found these:

inspirational books 102715

They look like nice interesting books to pick up and flip through. Just full of short quotes to read.

As far as my Staples run goes, I had no trouble finding what I wanted there. I’m participating in the Best Month Ever Challenge next month and I wanted a new Arc notebook to put my Freedom Journal in. It was a little bit of a splurge, but I had coupons and I rarely splurge on myself. I certainly NEVER splurge on something like this!

freedom journal 102715

I like how it came out. The picture doesn’t show the purple cover very well – it was rather dark in the room when I snapped the pic. I upgraded to 1 1/2 inch discs for the binding so that I could put more pages in the notebook. The journal itself is almost 100 pages and I wanted other blank pages in there to jot things down. I LOVE the versatility of this. It works well for me since I already have other Arc notebooks and the Arc punch to make my own pages. Possibilities are endless. 🙂

Feeling ok this morning and I’m not going to let Tuesday kick my ass today!! I left myself in decent shape at work, so we’ll see how the day goes. 🙂