Sidelined by internet problems

I’ve been getting up early to get some work done each morning, but we still heavily rely on having an internet connection in the evenings. I was doing the dishes last night when all of a sudden I heard “What the hell?!?! Why did my computer just disconnect from the internet??”

Yes, this is seriously a life ending event…

His computer came back online and we thought nothing more of it. After dinner we were listening to Pandora and browsing the internet when it crapped out again. This time we both lost connection and Pandora stopped playing.

Well, there goes my evening! I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had this happen. I spent the next 20 minutes troubleshooting, only to find out it was the cable splitter – AGAIN. Seriously? How many times have we burned through these stupid cable splitters? I just replaced this one FOUR months ago. After another hour spent researching cable splitters, two new ones are en route to us. In the meantime – there is a cable line running past my nightstand and a cable modem dangling over the desk. Such is life for now I suppose. Everything is up and running!

The pixelation in the bedroom tv should have been an indicator that something had gone wrong again. That’s why I replaced the splitter four months ago. The pixelation went away temporarily, but then came back and made it so we were not able to watch tv. Not the end of the world since this tv primarily serves as a computer monitor. I’m hoping that the new splitter will permanently solve the tv pixelation problem as well.

As far as “work” goes:

– This morning I would like to do the initial prep step on five more pieces of content for D & E.