No, it’s not Monday so I’m not talking about music just yet – although Spiraling is an *excellent* song by Keane!

I’m also not talking about the spiraling I tried with a zucchini and a julienne peeler yesterday.

2011 was a VERY difficult year. We weren’t sure how we ever survived and we were convinced that year would go down in history as the worst ever for us.

2014 kicked 2011’s ASS!! Hands down, no question about it!

In fact, we’re 2 months into 2015 and I STILL feel like 2014 is kicking my ass!! It needs to stop. Please.

It doesn’t seem to want to. 🙁 I can’t even catch my breath from one issue before another one is immediately thrown at me. I really can’t take this pressure anymore – I WILL crack.

Early 2014, my husband declared that he couldn’t handle his job anymore. Constant meltdowns and he needed out NOW. A friend of his had bugged him on and off for a few years to come work at the guy’s office. The latest offer of a job came at the “right” time, so he accepted. There were a lot of trade-offs that made the job a financial wash, but he wanted out of his old job SO UNBELIEVABLY MUCH.

Fast forward a few months and guess what? OMG… NEED OUT OF THIS JOB NOW!!!!!!

Yup. 🙁  Job wasn’t going so well, for a multitude of reasons. Now that he’s leaving the company, his narcissistic asshole of a boss will be fair game for me to talk about! 🙂 No naming names of course, but everything else is fair game. I’ve been wanting to write about this guy for months now, but I just couldn’t do it. I’ve been under so much stress that I can’t even SEE straight.

So anyway… my hubby gave the “required” one month’s notice at his job. His boss came to him the other day and said his replacement is catching on quickly and would he be ok dropping his notice down to two weeks?

HUH?!? Hold up here! So his boss is so worried about money that he can’t afford an extra person on the payroll for two weeks?? What about US? So WE have to figure out two missed weeks of pay that WE were counting on, because this asshole doesn’t want to spend more money that he was planning on spending anyway?!?

Yeah, that makes sense…

Did I mention the part where my husband made this decision with no plan in place? Did I mention that this is a 56% drop in net income? 

Don’t get me wrong – he absolutely needs to get out of this job. I just think there could have been better ways of doing things. After this week, I am the ONLY breadwinner in the family.

No pressure…

I wish this was the only thing weighing heavily on my mind these days, but it’s not. It’s certainly the biggest pressure at the moment though. I’m not happy… miserable… absolutely hating life. This is how I felt BEFORE the most recent turn of events.

Remember how I was feeling very optimistic about life and hopeful for the future? How I had some projects I was working on to make life better for us? Yeah, well those are all currently tossed aside indefinitely. My mind is absolutely immobilized. Do you have any idea how long it took me to finally sit my butt down and write THIS post?!

“Survive” is about all I can handle right now, and I don’t even feel like I’m doing a great job with that. Don’t expect anything more than survival from me for a while.

A couple weeks ago I was discussing everything with a couple coworkers and I said I needed a new blog, one where I could just lay everything out that was on my mind – be perfectly open and honest about whatever might be bugging me. Then I realized that I didn’t need a NEW blog. This one suits me just fine, I just need to LEARN to be more open and honest about things.

Talking about what’s on my mind is NOT my strong point…