I Suck At Life! 2

i suck at life

I don’t think and act like everyone else does, so apparently that means I suck at life! At least that’s how some people make me feel.

I feel like my life is under constant scrutiny, with everything I say/don’t say/do/don’t do questioned.

I’m sorry that:

  • I don’t think like everyone else
  • I don’t watch much TV
  • I wear my hair the same way every day
  • I don’t listen to the same type of music everyone else does
  • I like rebates
  • I like bank/credit card offers
  • I <3 free money
  • I like bugs
  • I like dinosaurs
  • I like turtles
  • I like lizards and salamanders
  • I bring my lunch to work every day
  • I eat the same thing for lunch every day
  • I don’t eat pizza
  • I never leave the office during the day
  • I don’t drink coffee
  • I drink too much tea
  • I like to snack
  • I don’t like current events
  • I don’t drive a brand new car
  • I don’t go on “real” vacations
  • My house has too much clutter
  • I can’t keep the house spotless all the time
  • I can’t keep dirty dishes out of the sink
  • I don’t solve problems they way everyone else does
  • I like blogging and hanging out online
  • I bust my ass, but don’t make enough money to solve everything
  • I don’t say the right things
  • I don’t respond to questions correctly
  • I’m a know-it-all
  • I’m too controlling
  • I like routine and familiarity
  • I like to change things when I want to
  • The world around me seems so unfamiliar and confusing at times
  • I don’t talk enough
  • I talk too much
  • I don’t talk when you want me to
  • I don’t answer questions quick enough
  • I’m brutally honest at times
  • I want to apologize for this blog post
  • Nothing I do is ever good enough
  • I just want to be myself, not who you want me to be

I’m sorry that I suck at life.


2 thoughts on “I Suck At Life!

  • Lori Lett

    I want you to be yourself! 🙂 I’m sorry everyone is so judgmental and unforgiving! THAT’s what SUCKS!!!

  • CJ

    Don’t EVER be sorry for being you!!! All of those things are what I like about you most! Well at least the ones I know – I don’t see you every day to know you wear your hair the same or eat the same thing, but who cares? I wear the same clothes 3 days in a row because I never leave the house! And when I like a food I will eat it every day for weeks on end ’til I am sick of it. I may not understand some of the things you like, like the rebates and free money, but mostly that’s because I am not half as smart as you and don’t quite understand what you are doing. I mean you are getting free money and I am not. Who sucks at life now? LOL!

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