Thankful I Am Able To Give

I was getting caught up on news earlier when I ran across this article:

Military Family Making Ends Meet

To summarize: A family that relies on their young dog for comfort doesn’t have the money for surgery to save his life.

When I saw that they only needed a small amount to complete their fundraising goal*, I just couldn’t resist!

I am so thankful we have been able to cover all our veterinary bills over the last few years. We have a VERY expensive beagle after two rounds of chemo, and our old dog costs us ~$150/month just for his medication. Yes – thankful that this isn’t killing us at this point in our lives, but I certainly remember a time we wouldn’t have been able to cover these costs.

I saw some comments on the article berating these people for not having pet insurance on their dog. You have to realize that pet insurance does not cover a lot of situations. We had pet insurance on our cat, but canceled it after receiving a whole $15 on an $80 vet bill. I figured we were better off putting money in a savings account for vet expenses. After 10+ years of doing that, the account has a nice chunk of change in it. Nowhere near enough to cover the beagle’s care, but it’s nice knowing it’s there if we need it. We haven’t had to touch it so far.

I’m so happy to hear that Gator will be receiving the surgery he needs! I’m glad I could share even just a little bit of his costs. 🙂

 *The family has since upped the fundraising goal to cover other expenses Gator will face after surgery.

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