Thanksgiving and Small Business Saturday

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! We had a very nice day. My inlaws came to town and arrived earlier than expected – a very nice surprise. Dinner was wonderful and wine was plentiful!

thanksgiving 1


When I found out my inlaws were coming to town, I told my hubby to make sure they got registered for Amex’s Small Business Saturday and came READY TO SHOP! Yeah, I wasn’t kidding!! Between our 1o cards and their two, we had $360 to spend yesterday. EEK! They used their 6 transactions at three different liquor stores and I didn’t track their purchases. We picked up the rest of the extremely fun day!

We started our day at a cute little breakfast place a couple towns over. We’d never been there before and the pictures online made it look like it was a nice place. We were very pleased and the food was EXCELLENT! Our next stop was to the local Ace Hardware where the hubby and I stood at the register and bought ten $10 gift cards one by one. We then went and threw everything we wanted in the cart and checked out. Our total came to $105.11. We used our gift cards and then picked up the small difference. My MIL got the cordless drill she wanted, hubby and FIL got a few incidental tool items, and I got the following:

thanksgiving 2 thanksgiving 3

Yup – my big Amex subsidized purchases were a bottle of Rain-X and an amaryllis. 🙂  Exciting.

Next up: our first two liquor stores, a quick stop home, liquor store #3, then lunch. Lunch was where we spent the bulk of our money! The plan was to watch a college football game and hang out there for a few hours. Ok, so we spent a little more than planned there. Oops. It was a lot of fun though!

In the midst of all this I got an email that said I needed to drive to NH to fill out some paperwork. ACK!! Something I wasn’t planning for in the day, but totally necessary. It was IMPORTANT – but I will blog about that later this week. 😉 Off to NH…

We rounded the day off at liquor store #4 and then out to dinner. I think by this time we were all EXHAUSTED. All the shopping and the unexpected road trip really took a toll on us!

Final damages for the day? $494.98 on our 10 cards. We’ll get back $300 of this from Amex. More than we planned on spending, but it sure was a FUN day supporting local businesses! No worries – my inlaws tossed us some $$ to help with the overages. We had a blast treating them to a very interesting day on Amex’s dime!

So thank you, Amex, for yet another exciting Small Business Saturday. We really had a great time!