I Think I Found My Target Keywords! 2

Over the past couple of weeks I have been DROWNING myself in informational podcasts. I’m certainly learning a lot about websites, niche targeting, keyword searches, and also certain things about myself that may be holding me BACK. Ugh.


This cracked me up!

This clip art cracked me up!

These podcasts sure have made the gears in my brain start turning! I figured my best starting point would be to improve the site I am trying to drive traffic to. There is ~2 years of content on the site right now. What little I’ve done so far to drive traffic doesn’t seem to be gaining much attention. At least people don’t appear to want to stick around, and I don’t understand that. I certainly can’t be the only person interested in this stuff!! I do have a couple projects I am working on to drive more interest: an informational section with affiliate links and a free downloadable product just for fun. I don’t have either of these 100% ready yet, but I’m working on them.

The one very important thing I have been missing are the keywords I need to target! Talk about frustrating!! I figured all this new knowledge combined with a site that already had content – this should be easy, right?

Nope. 🙁

Today I wanted to work on the informational section, but I needed keywords to build into the page. I was taking a closer look at certain criteria and I FINALLY found the keywords I want to target for the main site!! I feel SO much better now that I have something to target. I’m confident I can rank for this particular set of keywords. There are ~600 searches a month for this keyword. Not a lot, but in a range I can work with. This set of keywords has medium advertiser competition – not low, but not high either. I’ll take it! Out of the top 10 results in Google, only 2 of them even have a page rank value. One is a Facebook page, 3 are news site links, 1 is a page kinda similar to mine (but lacking in content), and 2 are youtube links. Not at all high quality results for this keyword search!! I can do better than that…

I was kinda stuck since I already had a very particular niche I was working in. I just didn’t have any keywords to target and I know that was hurting me! Feeling quite excited about this project now that I have keywords to work with and new content to add. 🙂

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