Tired Of Petty Whining On Facebook

Is anyone else as tired of the petty whining on Facebook as I am?

I’m not talking about life complaints – those are perfectly normal and happen, so vent away!

I’m talking about the incessant complaining about stuff other people post. You know – the stuff that’s so earth shattering offensive and life crushing to you?

“WAH… stop inviting me to play games… stop posting stuff I don’t want to see… stop posting stuff that offends me… WAH!!!”

Can I let you in on a little secret about these posts?


Game Block 1

Let’s say someone invites you to play a game. Simply go to the game notification and click on the little “X” next to “Play Now”.


Game Block 2

A box will pop up verifying that you blocked the request, and asking if you want to block the entire game or all requests from this person.


Game Block 3

If you choose to block the game entirely, you will see this confirmation. There – problem solved!


Block Post 1

Now let’s say someone posts something you don’t want to see. Simply click the little downward arrow in the upper right of the post to be presented several options. You can choose “I don’t want to see this,” or you can go a bit more extreme by unfollowing the person or blocking the page.

Block Post 2

If you change your mind – hit “Undo”. You can also click on “Why don’t you want to see this?” if you’d like to provide more information.


Unfriend 1

If none of those options were good enough and you want to do more – go to the “friend’s” page and find these options. There’s no law that says you have to remain friends with someone – so unfriend them!


Deactivate 1

Still not happy? You can find these options under “Security Settings”

If you’ve tried all the other options and you’re still whining about what others are posting, perhaps Facebook is not the right place for you. Do yourself a favor and deactivate your account. You can thank yourself later. 🙂