Trudging Through The Back Pain

Back pain SUCKS! I can’t quite pinpoint the exact cause of the pain since it appears to be caused by a number of things. No matter how you look at it though, it SUCKS.

I couldn’t do everything in my normal morning routine, so I opted to spend more time reading. This time I am reading a PHYSICAL book, not an ebook or an audiobook.

We ran to Savers last night to look for a picture frame for a project. While there, I decided to browse the books for anything interesting to read. Sheesh… when was the last time I picked up a BOOK to read?!? It has been a while. I found Driven To Distraction and Delivered From Distraction – both staples in an ADHD household. Hubby agreed he would flip through them at times if we owned them, so I grabbed them both. At some point I think I will read them cover to cover. I’ve read excerpts of one of them, but never the whole book.

I also picked up the first edition of Jump Start Your Brain. So far it appears to be on the subject of non-conformity like the last book I read. It’s VERY different from the Art of Non-Conformity, but I’m still hoping I find something interesting in it. I understand the basic concept of the book and I can relate to what the author is saying. Hopefully I will find something that I feel I can apply to MY life.


So… that picture frame project?? I had picked up a few stickers to put on my car windows plus one extra sticker that I just LOVED but didn’t want on my car. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what I could do with this sticker and and idea finally came to me on my morning commute mid-week. I just needed a square picture frame and some creativity. The end result?

steggy love 102515

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I already have a request from a friend to make another one – t-rex with blue. The sticker has been ordered and now I just need to go find a frame.

This blog entry marks the fourth blog I have updated this afternoon! Granted two of them were mostly just a picture update, but they were still updates. I finally came up with a process for moving pics I want to use to a special folder, then watermarking them for each of the sites I want to use them on. This will make updating these sites much easier going forward.

I would say that I have made this quite a productive day despite the back pain. On that note, I found an ebook I would like to study tonight. I just can’t get enough knowledge pumped into that brain of mine!