Trying To Blog More

I’m trying to get my life more organized so that I can blog more. There is just too much on my plate these days. I really wish some of it would ease up, but what can I do?

At least I got a few updates done in the last 12 hours. I got some pictures watermarked and up on M. I also got some videos converted and one prepped to put up on D/E. Not much, but it’s a start. D/E are so neglected and those are the ones I want to work on the most. Not much going on with R, but that’s the site that gets the most traffic each day. Not much traffic since it’s a very specialized niche site. It has been a very interesting learning experience having that one. I just wish I could find a reason to post there. I’ll put some thought into it.

Feeling slight productive this morning but once again… out of time!! Now that I have the videos more organized, maybe I can work on them some more tonight. It would be wonderful to get that project more streamlined!!