Tuesday and… An Anniversary

Is it really October already? Where has 2015 gone?! Do you know what that means?

first anniversary card edit

It’s our anniversary!! I went looking for our wedding album and I found this card. It’s the card my mother sent us for our FIRST wedding anniversary. Needless to say it’s now in a safe place where it can be flattened once again. I have no idea where she found the cute penguin cutout, but the card is definitely homemade. Our cake topper and toast glasses were penguin themed, so this was a perfect anniversary card. We’re just a few years past our first anniversary now though…


I muddled through The Miracle Morning SAVERS yesterday as best I could. It’s quite a challenge finding SILENCE when you have three cats demanding your attention. I think I made my first mistake by not feeding one of them FIRST. This morning I waited until all of them were fed and then I went downstairs away from everyone. That worked a little better. Despite all the challenges of the day yesterday, I actually felt like the day went smoother than I expected! All of a sudden it was 4 pm and I wasn’t falling asleep or losing interest in my work. WHAT?!? I even managed to stay away from slickdeals most of the day and didn’t use it as a crutch to get through the parts of the day I don’t enjoy. It’s a start!! I started setting up some visualization boards on Pinterest – that will definitely be a work in progress.

So… it’s TUESDAY!! I’m not going to let it kick my ass this week – sound good? Oh it does to me. So what – it’s just Tuesday. Yup, work will be busy and stressful – but I know that already. It’s a special day because it’s my wedding anniversary. I’m not going to let a TUESDAY ruin that for me. 🙂