My UPS Driver Must Hate Me

Sometimes I wish I could hang around and meet my UPS driver. I mean, I know the one at work – why not the one at home? Other days, no thank you! Tomorrow would be a day I wouldn’t want to meet them. All I can say is SORRY! Thanks for putting up with me and trying to keep the packages dry and safe.

UPS must hate me 042914


At least all the Sears packages have shipped and I am almost done with my weekend binge shopping. I just spent my lunch break reconciling all the minuscule charges on the Sears card. One item not yet charged and one charge slightly lower than expected. That order had one item canceled, so this is not surprising. I have NO idea if I got all the points back that I was supposed to get. All I know is that the balance is just fine with me. Now we need to spend them! 😀