Valentine’s Day? No thank you.

Add me to the list of folks that are anti-Valentine’s Day please! I’m just thankful my wonderful hubby feels the same way about the day. It takes the pressure off an already over-commercialized day.  Before we met, I don’t think either of us had strong feelings one way or the other about this day. We have grown the contempt for the day together! What’s more romantic than that? 😉

We sure don’t need a day on the calendar, or any stores, telling us we need to show our love for each other. We already know how to do that – and certainly do – every day. We make a point to say “I Love You” to each other every single day – with a minimum of a kiss goodbye in the morning and a kiss goodnight at bedtime. Today is no different. Besides, we recently celebrated a special day – one that actually *means* something to us. Valentine’s Day is too close to celebrate again, just because everyone says so. So we take *our* day to heart, and let everyone else have this particular day. And no… we didn’t exchange gifts then either. No need for it.  🙂