Walking, Walking, And More Walking 2

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My company started a walking challenge a couple of weeks ago. Great timing as I had been wanting to start walking but I just hadn’t worked myself up enough to GO. That was just the kick I needed to get moving, even though I don’t at all care about winning anything. I just wanted to MOVE.

Last week I was all proud of myself for getting in 2600 steps before breakfast! I took some screenshots and started a blog post, but I never found the time to actually sit down and write.

I’m getting up earlier to walk and I’m loving it! It just doesn’t allow me much time for anything else in the morning. For now, that’s OK. 🙂

This week I bumped my pre-breakfast walk up to ~4000 steps! Kinda makes last week look lame.

Yesterday was my best day yet!! Over 8800 steps?? WOW! My pre-breakfast walk was just under half that. Then we went yardsaling and shopping – both of these activities really add to the steps.

One of these days… MAYBE I’ll hit 10000 steps? 😀

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