Whirlwind Week!

Wow! The last week (and beyond) have been such a whirlwind. I am exhausted!!

A week ago we were here:

loudon panorama 092615

Aren’t panoramas of moving race cars FUN?!? The cars look all mangled. This cracked me up. Fun day, but a day at the track is LONG and tiring. At least it was a Saturday, so we could rest afterward.

I had three very busy days of work and then we were here:

wedding wagon pond 100115

Isn’t this a beautiful spot for a wedding? My cousin got MARRIED!! I’m so happy for the newlyweds! The ceremony took place at a beautiful apple orchard in NH. We were hauled to the ceremony location by that “wedding wagon” on the other side of the pond. It was fun and different, but most of us opted to walk back to the reception rather than wait for the SLOW wagon. A Thursday wedding was a bit odd, but now it feels like I’ve had three Saturdays in a row. I was quite thankful to score a deal on a cute little motel room just a half hour away from the wedding. It was so nice not to have to drive 3 hours home in the middle of the night.

In between all the running around, these two have been keeping us quite busy:

doby 100215

ginger 100215

The black one is my new little cuddle bug – just as lovable as can be!! He’s a shy one though, so he’s not even close to being acclimated to the house.

The torti is a little firecracker! Feisty as can be and spends her time chasing the 18 lb resident beast that already lived here.

We have some work to do with them, but they are progressing quite nicely. They’ve been here FIVE weeks already – hard to believe!


Beyond that, I still don’t feel like I’m amounting to much. I tried to sit myself down with a Udemy class earlier but the instructor put me right to sleep. That’s my problem with everything these days – I’m just so TIRED. I still haven’t made it completely through The Miracle Morning book, but I’m close. Obviously, not fully committed to the program or completely on board yet. I already get up quite early and that’s as far as I’ve made it at this point. I’ll get there… Very slowly getting some order back in my life.