Adventure Awaits!

A few weeks ago I found this little sign at Dollar Tree and HAD to have it!!

Oh my! Has life ever been an adventure since this sign came into my life! Almost a prediction it would seem.

I’m still getting out, meeting new people, trying new things, making friends. I am having SO MUCH FUN doing all this. I can’t even explain how much fun I’m having!

Recently one of my new friends, a licensed pilot, offered to take me flying out over the cape. Oh yes please!!! I wouldn’t turn down something like that! We flew a nice scenic route along the cape, looked for whales (none 🙁 ), and stopped for lunch/wandered around Provincetown. I had never really been to Provincetown before, so that was a treat. Actually – the whole day was a treat!!

Here are some pictures from the day:

The plane we flew


The controls


Flying the plane!


The monument in Provincetown








Wandering through Provincetown, I found the most WONDERFUL shop that I absolutely fell in love with! That’s a story for another day though… 🙂