Google AdSense Site Management

I swear – I learn something new about websites every single day. That’s a GOOD thing though! I spent a lot of time yesterday making changes to a couple of websites. I completely overhauled one site that hadn’t had any major updates in… uh… a couple of years at least? This website gets the most traffic each month despite having no new content in a few years. It served a purpose at the time, and I’d like to turn it into something that serves a purpose now. I also tweaked another site so that it’s more user friendly. This is the site I am trying to drive traffic to, and it has a lot of potential if I actually put the WORK into it.

In all my website redesigning and tweaking, I’ve been playing around a bit with ad placement. This is more for practice than anything else. It gives me an opportunity to try out ad placement and see how sites do with ads and their level of traffic. I’m quickly realizing that I don’t know much about AdSense at all! I had a few minutes this morning, so I was poking around the AdSense site to get a feel of what it offers. When I go to the AdSense home page, it always lists my “top two” performing sites – the sites mentioned above of course. For some reason, I felt compelled to click and see all sites this morning. Uh – excuse me?? One of those sites is not mine! One of those “top seo” BS sites that does nothing but hurt your traffic. A quick Google search brought me to the owned sites settings:

adsense owned sites

Well that’s easy enough to set up!! I love that it “warns” you about the code being put on sites that aren’t on your owned sites list. This is not rocket science and it’s not hard to list your sites here. If you can’t manage to make sure all your sites are authorized, perhaps website management isn’t for you? I now know I need to check on my AdSense account regularly to make sure things are flowing smoothly. That’s not too difficult to get in the habit of doing. 🙂 I will be monitoring things more closely going forward since I am getting VERY close to a payout! That has been a long time coming and will only be the beginning of what is to come.