Google Alert RSS Feeds Are AMAZING!

The BEST trick I have learned lately is to find out that Google Alerts can be set up as RSS feeds instead of sent to your email. Wait… WHAT?!? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that before??

google alerts

Seriously! Just change “Deliver to” to RSS feed instead of your email address. It’s that simple.

What does this mean to me? Well, one website I have also has a twitter account with a decent following that’s growing. To gain followers and drive traffic, I have been tweeting news articles surrounding a particular niche. This works well, but emails back up QUICKLY since there are so many of them. It becomes overwhelming and I lose interest. The problem with that is I still have to scroll through and delete entirely too many emails. 🙁 It just makes me not want to work on this project anymore.

How can RSS feeds fix this problem? I think that all depends on how good your RSS reader is. If your mind finds your RSS reader to be user friendly and easy to maneuver, that makes flipping through your Google Alerts quite EASY!! Personally, I like the interface at Netvibes and I have been using it for a while to keep up on other blogs I follow. I changed all my Google Alerts over to RSS feed, set up a new tab in Netvibes for this project, and I was off and running. Browsing through the news articles is so much more enjoyable now! If I don’t have time to get caught up on any particular category, I can simply mark them all as “read” with one click of the mouse. WOW!

What else can I use Google Alert RSS feeds for? Oh boy – the possibilities are endless! I do have another project I am working on in which I use RSS feeds in a different manner. I will explain how I do that in my next blog post…