Major Changes In My Life



I hate that I haven’t been blogging lately. There has been a LOT going on – major changes in my life. I’m not able to blog about a lot of the changes right now, but trust me… when the dust settles it’s fair game! 🙂 It’s all good stuff though. It really is!

I’ve been reading a lot lately and listening to audio books. Too many to list out or even remember, but my favorite (easily) has been Brian Tracy’s “No Excuses!: The Power Of Self-Discipline”  This book really hit me at a time when I needed to hear it the most. I never realized how self-disciplined I already was in many aspects of life. Problem solving is a good example. It certainly explained how I have handled what life has thrown at me lately. I sure can be self-disciplined and SOLVE problems! Another concept from the book that really struck a nerve with me was investing 3% of your income in yourself annually if you want to grow and further your success in life. WOW! One thing I’ve never really done for myself is invest in ME. Actually take the time and a little bit of money to spend on ME. I have started doing that already: I spent $50 for access to some materials on a subject that I am very interested in learning. I plan to start on those courses in October. 🙂

The course work had to wait until I could straighten up some domain/hosting issues I was having. I needed to move all of my domains to a new hosting account. Nothing against the host I use – I’m perfectly happy with their service and I set up a 2nd account with them. I just needed to split the domains up between two accounts because the others don’t belong to me and we can no longer share hosting. I am happy to say that I completed the move in less than a week’s time! I only broke TWO sites in the process, but I quickly learned how to back door into things to disable the theme that was causing issues. I was then able to log in to the dashboard, update things, reactivate the theme, and VOILA! Up and running again. It sure has been a learning experience to do all this. Chat support wasn’t much help – no it’s NOT as simple as copying a folder from one place to another. I may have been left on my own to deal with the transfer, but I learned so much in the process. You sure can’t beat more KNOWLEDGE when having to fix a situation. The only thing I have left to do now is delete all the files off the old hosting account. Then I will be DONE with this project.

Oh… That picture above? Well that’s just one of the two new toys that arrived today that I’m so excited about! I tested it out tonight and did a mile on it. 3-3.5 mph is a very nice, fast walking pace. I did a light jog at 4 mph and that will take some getting used to. This thing goes up to 9 mph??? Eek… It’s just a small “starter” treadmill, but it will suit me just fine for a while. I am absolutely going to LOVE having this to walk/run on first thing in the morning. That will really be a great start to my day. 🙂