Productive blog day!

It has been quite the productive blog day. A productive day overall really. We had to time our errands today to coincide with a store that opened later than the other stores we were going to. We had been asked to pick something up for my brother that isn’t available where he lives. To “kill” time before errands, I decided to learn about child themes and setting up Google Analytics. I got child themes set up on all six blogs, then found out the theme I use makes Google Analytics *very* easy to set up. I went through the blogs and set up the code. Just waiting for the tracking data to feed back to Google Analytics – this can take 24 hours or so.

I did a little blog cleaning while I was at it. Cleaned up some posts on D&E – I didn’t like how I originally had them posted. This involved deleting one item on each post and didn’t take too long. I changed the theme on D because I wasn’t using the same theme format as the others. It’s a lot easier to stick with this format across the board. I really enjoyed doing the clean up and reorganizing. it got the creative juices flowing a bit. This prompted me to put up posts on D&E, and change some colors here on L. Subtle changes, but I really like them. I also made a new header for D since the old one didn’t work as well with this theme. I like the new header a lot more!

I still need to get another plugin set up on D, E, and L. It’s a plugin that autoposts a twitter feed to wordpress. I have it set up on M & J and it works great. I’d like to start tweeting more with the account associated with L, and I’d like the feed to flow through to my blog.

Of course since we ran errands, I also posted an entry on C. That’s just second nature to do that though, so I barely notice it.

I’m really enjoying learning more about how wordpress works. I sure have a LONG way to go – there’s a lot of stuff to learn! 🙂