This Blog Has MOVED!

If you are just stumbling across this blog from somewhere – this blog has MOVED! About a year ago I decided I needed a change. This domain name didn’t suit me anymore.

I wanted the content on the new page, so I went through all the work to copy the content to the new domain and redirect this one. I still wasn’t happy with the arrangement though! What to DO?!

Well I finally came to a decision. I’m getting the itch to start blogging more regularly and I want a “fresh start” now. The redirect has been removed and this page’s content will be removed from the new website.

This site represents my old life. That’s not where I am in life anymore. Trust me – that’s a GOOD thing! As I said in my last post: I’m not hiding from anyone. My content is public and anyone is free to read it.

That said, you can now find me over at (click here ->) Life Is Fascinating. A website that will probably always be changing, evolving. Just like ME these days…