Trying Out Tablet Life

I sat out on our freshly cleaned patio last night and tried to see what I could do with a tablet. Giving up my desktop is something I’ve struggled with for years! I never got the hang of my laptop, I do ok with my netbook, and I’m trying trying trying with a tablet! I just don’t at all understand how folks use ONLY a tablet as their sole device. No thank you! Give me my desktop any day! It just really lacks portability. :/

I did ok with the tablet. It’s certainly something I could do more of eventually. I am able to check my email, browse deal sites, poke around the internet. I did have some trouble with my RSS reader: Netvibes. Doesn’t seem to be very tablet friendly – a bit of a disappointment. I even started to type this post, but I chickened out when I realized I didn’t know if I was signed in with my author account or my admin account. Glad I saved the draft and checked – it was my admin account. I don’t post with that one of course. I signed out and I will give posting from the tablet another try at some point.

My goal is to never permanently switch away from my desktop computer. I just want other, more portable, options to choose from. You know – so maybe I could go OUTSIDE sometimes? 🙂