Bumblebees are FAST!

I took my T3i out today to play with it a bit. I wandered around with the 55-250 mm lens to see if I could find anything interesting to take pictures of. Not quite warm enough for a lot of bugs yet, but there are still some things flying around. Nothing overly interesting that I could find, so I settled on some azaleas and and a pretty white flowering tree. Both get quite boring after a while, so I was THRILLED when a bumblebee moved into the shot!!  😀


Holy cow, those things MOVE and MOVE! They don’t sit still for one second. I got a lot of duds where the bumblebee flew out of the shot or was blurry, but I also got quite a few good shots too. Digital cameras are great in the respect that you can just click click click away and hope just a few are great. They were! 🙂

I think this was the “best” shot of the bunch:

bumblebee azalea 050315




The best was not my favorite though. This one is:  Bumblebee butt!!!

bumblebee butt 050315