You Certainly Have The Means To 2

My phone and I are not getting along these days. I purchased this phone in June 2012 after a LOT of careful consideration. I’m not the type to rush out and buy the latest greatest phone, so it was a big deal for me to get this phone. While it certainly wasn’t the latest and greatest at the time, the specs still blew away most of the other phones on the market. I fully expected this phone to last me a minimum of 2 years, likely more.

The phone started acting up after I’d had it just over a year. I figured a reset would fix things, so I did a factory reset on the phone. A few months later problems started again, so I did another factory reset. The phone has been acting strange ever since. The last reset did nothing to improve matters! All of the problems are intermittent, but include: freezing, not letting me type text in boxes, not responding, etc. I fear that if I ever need to call 911, I would die before the call connects. The newest problem is that the camera randomly zooms in, but does not reflect it in the settings. Yes, the phone and I are NOT getting along!

A coworker walked over to my desk the other day as I was arguing with the phone. I commented that the phone and I weren’t getting along and she said “Why don’t you just buy yourself a new one already? You certainly have the means to!”

I what?

I have the means to?

What does that even mean?!

Can I afford to buy a new phone? I dunno – maybe. I haven’t really run the numbers.

But… I HAVE THE MEANS TO? That’s not the point here. The point is: I haven’t even had this phone two years and it was supposed to last me well past that point. Spec-wise, the phone is just fine for me. It does everything I need it to do – when it works properly.

For me to replace this phone with something equal to or better, I’m looking at spending at least $300 USED. Something I am CHOOSING not to do right now, means or not. It’s just not an expense I would like to take on at the moment.

Trying to hold out with this phone as long as I can. The PHONE just isn’t making it easy for me.

2 thoughts on “You Certainly Have The Means To

  • Cassie

    Did you post this from the phone? 😛 I have no means of getting a new phone and I’d really love a smart one but I have to stick to my old dumb flip phone. I look like a freak who time traveled to the future from 1999. But at least mine is too dumb to not work right. Sorry about your phone. If it isn’t one thing it’s another, isn’t it?

    • LifeBafflesMe Post author

      Ha! No, trusty computer this time. Thankfully prepaid smart phone plans are really dropping in price. Hopefully some day you can get one, but they really can be a headache too. There certainly is something to be said about the dumb ones. The “smart” ones are still just little computers that haven’t been perfected yet.

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