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In an effort to drive more traffic to the website I’m working on, I set up RSS feeds, Twitter feeds, and Google alerts. What have I learned from this so far?

1) This is a FULL TIME JOB! Egads, I just want to comment on applicable news articles where I might get some attention. TOO MANY ARTICLES in the subject I have chosen. Yikes.

2) New station websites SUCK BIG TIME. Seriously – how hard is it to build a website that LOADS and where the comment section WORKS? I understand if comments are disabled, but I’m running across too many sites where there are supposed to be comments – but they don’t load. 🙁

Keep trudging I guess… This is a lot of WORK.

3 thoughts on “Promote, Promote, Promote!

    • LifeBafflesMe Post author

      I’m hoping it isn’t *always* this much, and this kind of, WORK. It just is for now. I think if I could get traffic to the site, it’ll just grow. It’s just not taking off as fast as I would like. 🙁 Gotta keep trying.

      The google alert emails weren’t as bad to sort through tonight. That seems to be the best way for me to quickly find articles to comment on. Sorting through twitter/RSS feeds is cumbersome. I do want to switch the RSS stuff over to a different reader that will be easier to deal with. Once it’s set up it won’t be that bad to check.

      • LifeBafflesMe Post author

        June 1 – 18: 24 whole visitors (92% new, 8% returning) Most in one day: 3
        June 19: 69 visitors – most new

        It DOES make a difference, but I still can’t seem to get people to stick around and participate. That’s beyond frustrating. :/

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