Having Trouble Staying Focused On My Goals

I’ve really been having trouble staying focused on my goals lately! I’m not sure what my problem has been. Just life getting in the way again I guess. Er… just ME letting life get in the way? Something like that.

My goal for February was very simple: three blog posts per week. Hasn’t happened and I really fell off track with that. I think part of my problem was that I wasn’t connecting well with the journal I was using. It didn’t work for my brain. I finally had a few uninterrupted minutes to sit down and redesign my journal pages. I won’t guarantee they are perfect now, but they are quite adjustable and I can tweak them as needed. The pages are now more in line with how my brain functions and I will try my best to stay on track and tweak when necessary!

Blogging isn’t the only thing that has fallen behind either. I need to file our taxes, my brother’s taxes, and my mom’s taxes – if she ever scans the info to me. I usually have ours done by now, but I just haven’t felt like doing it! I also need to write a note to a friend as promised and organize the paperwork around my desk.

The month hasn’t been a complete waste though. I’ve been reading a lot and learning more about myself. I decluttered 75% of my desk area – that took up all of last weekend!  The best thing about February so far? That 21 day arm sculpting challenge group! Wow – you could never have convinced me I’d like working with weights!! 😀 I started the month with 3 lb weights, 5 different exercises, 10 reps each 3x. Yesterday I was up to the same 5 exercises, 8 lb weights, 26 reps 3x!! The opposite days have been optional squats with weights – oh hell yes! I started with 3 lb weights, 5 exercises, 10 times each. As of today I was up to 8 lb weights, 5 exercises, 50 times each. WHOA!! How is that even possible?!? There are still two days left to the challenge – oh boy! I’m starting to see a little definition in my arms and I definitely have more energy. A couple months ago 25 jumping jacks were a struggle for me – now that’s too easy. 🙂 I think after this challenge is over, I will look into learning how to use the kettle bells. They are just sitting there tempting me…

Overall I can’t complain about how the month has been going. I’m progressing more and more each day, just not in the way I expected to be progressing. That’s ok – time to shift and refocus again. I have so many ideas floating around in my head that I want to write about. I even jotted them down in Workflowy so that I would remember them. The problem is: I started to read about the “right” way to blog and I ended up putting too much pressure on myself. I NEED to just be myself and write… and write… and write. The rest will come in time and I will find MY way of blogging. That was the whole point to begin with, right? 🙂

In the meantime, I plan to make the rest of February the best it can possibly be – starting tomorrow. Oh… tomorrow!! Is it really here already? EEK!! Got something really special in the works. You’ll see!