Music Monday: Meat Loaf – Alive

Plugging along as best I can these days. Trying to enjoy life a little, but it has been very difficult. Too many changes in less than a year – changes that would push anyone over the edge. If I didn’t get pushed over, I’m still just teetering on the edge. Fighting very hard!

I’m making an effort to enjoy the simple things, like the fresh from the garden tomatoes for my lunch and the sun tea that will be ready for me when I get home from work.tomatoes 080315sun tea 080315



When I went to put the tea outside, I discovered I’m not the only one enjoying the tomatoes!! ¬†Of course as soon as I got out my “good” camera, he took off. I’ve seen him around several times, so I’ll get a good shot eventually.

chipmunk 080315


So… I’m trying. I’ll just keep trying. Not quite there yet… but I’ll get there.