Music Monday: New Order – Shellshock

When I got my last car in June 2008, it came pre-installed with satellite radio. I’d never had satellite before so I decided to try it out. Oh my goodness – HOOKED instantly on a lot of music I’d never heard before!!

When I got my new car this past December, it didn’t come with satellite radio. 🙁 I panicked for a brief minute, thought about installing an aftermarket radio, then decided to just pay attention to my listening habits. I’d been listening to satellite radio for so many years, I was just mindlessly flipping through stations – and paying for this privilege! I decided that I would try listening to songs loaded on a usb drive and see how I did with that. I found the “random” option and was good to go!

What do you know? I can just mindlessly flip through songs for FREE now!! 🙂

I *thought* I had the perfect setup, but then a couple weeks ago I realized something was MISSING! Uh oh… As soon as I got home I ran into the house and plugged my usb drive into the computer. *GASP* No New Order?!?! HOW?

All is well in my world of music now. 🙂 My car really seems to like to play this gem quite often and I have NO complaints!