Night Out – Cafe Porto Bello

Do you have a place that you have driven by many times and said to yourself “We really should check that place out!”? I know we did – and we almost didn’t get a chance to check it out. 🙁

Earlier this month a fire hit downtown. While the fire damage was contained to one building, water damage affected many nearby businesses. Cafe Porto Bello’s basement was flooded, causing them to lose all inventory. Closed INDEFINITELY!

Within a few days we heard they might reopen, it was just a matter of WHEN.

cafe porto bello 1

Thankfully “when” ended up being Thursday night! As soon as we heard they we reopening, we wanted to go immediately – so we did!

Let me tell you: the atmosphere at this restaurant is simply gorgeous! They had a live jazz band playing relaxing music, the wait staff was very attentive, and the food was DELICIOUS! I had an alfredo chicken/broccoli/penne dish and Dave had the scrod. YUM YUM YUM!

My favorite part of the decor? I just loved the plants everywhere!

cafe porto bello 2

It was a very pleasant dining experience and we WILL be back soon.

So glad Cafe Porto Bello was able to quickly reopen for business. I hope they had a very successful reopening weekend! 🙂