Trying Extra Hard Today

Oh boy… life was really tough yesterday. Today is TUESDAY so I know it’s not going to be easy. I certainly have to try extra hard today!!

I didn’t get much done last night due to stress. 🙁  I DID get more interesting blogs set up to read in Netvibes though.

My gmail account that I have a tough time keeping up on is all caught up – still! I REALLY need to keep it that way. Going through 50-100 emails a day is so much less intimidating than letting them pile up for a few days.

O… M… G… did my heart ever skip a beat when I saw a LOCAL article related to a pet project of mine on a major local news site this morning. Well… sort of… Clicked on the link only to find a title – but NO STORY! I’m guessing someone hit “Publish” too quickly? Well, it was still a great way for me to be the FIRST to comment on an extremely relevant article. Sure would like to be able to READ the article at some point though.

Speaking of said pet project: a coworker gave me an interesting idea for this project – without even knowing anything about it. Gotta put some thought into that because it could be interesting.

On that note… my time this morning is OVER! 🙁