Another New Blogging Adventure

So I have another idea… which means yet another blogging adventure for me. I’m feeling quite confident about this one, IF I can just get over myself and DO something about it. That has been a struggle so far.

The new site would be more along the affiliate networking line. It will have a twist though – not simply just a person recommending certain products. I’m not sure how well received the twist will be, but I don’t care. Worth trying as far as I’m concerned!

I forget how much WORK it is to set up a WordPress page though. Yuck. I see that Jetpack doesn’t come pre-installed anymore? Well that’s silly. I’ve learned to really rely on Jetpack to quickly get a site up and running. Thankfully it was easy to install the plugin and get it up and running. Next up was picking out a theme. YUCK!! I wanted something different from what I usually use, but I ended up scrapping the first theme I chose because it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do. So far so good on my second theme choice and I do like that theme even more than the first one I was looking at. I got a little work done on it tonight, but it’ll be a while before the site is really ready to go. I’m hoping I can get it “good enough” by tomorrow, but I still need to design a header and some other things. Like I said… it’s a lot of work getting a site up and running when you are the one doing all the work!

I also need to get Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. all set up. I’ll think more about that in the morning I guess.

One thing I am particularly excited about: the Google Voice number I was able to snag! Not that I necessarily NEED a GV number, but I wanted one for the heck of it. My domain name is 7 letters long and imagine my surprise when I was able to snag a 7 digit number that corresponds with my domain name. 😀 The number really is area code + domain name. How cool is that? Now I’ll have a number just *in case* this website ever goes anywhere. You never know.

Once the site is set up, then I need to get started on content. That will be a whole other blog post…

I’m very excited about this new adventure. I just can’t let that excitement waver at all.