22000 Sheets Of Paper

Ever wonder what 22000 sheets of paper looks like??

22000 sheets of paper 101115

I can’t say I ever have , but I did wonder exactly how much paper was crammed in the back of my car right now. The answer is 22000 sheets!! Egads, that’s a LOT of paper! I’m very thankful that I found a good outlet for my paper buying habit. I know how to work the deals to get the paper for free or better, but what exactly does one DO with all that paper!? Well for me the answer was to post in a local online group and ask if anyone would have an ongoing need for paper, sometimes a LOT of paper. I had quite a few people reply and say they’d take a few reams, or a case, but that wasn’t what I was looking for here. I had other people suggest places I could call, but again that was not what I was looking for. Lucky for me, I had ONE person say she worked for a local non-profit and could take whatever paper I had to send her way. She said she’d keep what she needed for the non-profit, share some with other local non-profits, and send the rest off to the schools. PERFECT!! Let me just tell you – she has sent a lot of paper to the local schools! Win-win all around as far as I’m concerned. I can blow all my rewards and discounted gift cards on as much paper as I want, maybe make a few bucks, and then the paper heads off to places that need it. I don’t even have to be the one to take it there!! I love this arrangement… 🙂