Day “Off” and a Spider!!

My office was closed today due to the holiday, but I do still have a deadline to keep! While I got to stay home, I still had to work for part of the day. I got up at my usual time and then got to work cleaning house. Hubby had scheduled today for a friend to come over and shoot a video with him. Needless to say, the house wasn’t exactly in any condition for company. I busted my ass for two hours straight and I was BEAT! I sure did feel like I accomplished quite a bit before lunch: cleaning, fall photo shoot with the cats, downloading all the time sheets I had received by that time. After lunch I keyed in all the time sheets and knocked a few items off my to-do list in the technology department.

As we were finishing lunch, hubby spotted a beautiful garden spider in the arborvitae. That might not have been the word he used for it though… My camera was way up on the third floor, so he opted to grab his. I did tell him that a nice zoom lens would be perfect for this. He insisted on using the lens he had on the camera and ended up standing much closer to the spider than he would have preferred. Hey – didn’t I warn him? I did end up going upstairs to get MY camera, and I’m very pleased with how the pictures came out. 🙂 I’m so tempted to change my Facebook cover photo, but I’m quite certain no one would appreciate that!! I’ll just share them here instead. 🙂

spider 4 101215

spider 3 101215

spider 2 101215

spider 1 101215