Had a good weekend

Despite feeling unproductive this weekend, I actually got a lot of stuff done! I learned a little something about myself as well. The dogs had me up at 4:30 on Saturday and 5:00 on Sunday. I felt OK when I was up with them, but went back to bed because I felt I needed more sleep. Ugh… it was so difficult to get up around 7:00-7:30 and I felt miserable. I think next weekend I will just stay up once I am up with the dogs. We’ll see how that goes and if I feel any better.

Friday night we did some Staples shopping to roll some rewards back into cash. Saturday afternoon – more Staples shopping to roll even MORE rewards. I had a very nice dinner out with my hubby, using a certificate we got for free on Living Social. Sunday it was back to Staples for the current week of deals. Not much going on this week, but we were still able to roll ~$34 back into cash. After getting all my rebates filed, I did some cleaning. It’s amazing what simply running the vacuum cleaner will do for a room. Tossed a few things, shuffled some recent purchases (storage boxes) around, and voted a very large stuffed animal out of the house. I listed it on freecycle and it should be heading to its new home this evening. Definitely a start in the right direction as far as decluttering and simplifying goes!

I think cleaning gave me a push toward feeling good about the day. Enough of a push that I did the prep work on 6 items for D & E, and got one item finalized and posted. Sure didn’t see that progress coming – especially in the evening!

Tonight I think I’ll do a little cleaning/decluttering on the 1st floor, then a webinar series I signed up for starts. Gotta get through the work day first…